Repair Services in Green Lake, WI

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Service Department

Let our experts at Big Power Sports accommodate all of your service needs. Our service center and highly skilled technicians are here to make sure you are ready to hit the trails, the lake, the roads or the woods! Our fully trained mechanics take pride in knowing that when your machine leaves our shop, you will see that our quality assurance team has tested and validated that your needs have been met. Our repair services in Green Lake, WI are among the best in town.

Mechanical Services We Offer:

We are skilled mechanics and offer repair and maintenance on the following:

Boats, ATV’s, snowmobiles, motorcycles and w ave runners.  We also repair small engines and trailers.

Pre and in season tune-ups and complete reconditioning.

Body Repair or Styling

If your vehicle has been damaged or in an accident, we will inspect the body and mechanical impact that may have been caused. Get an expert opinion on what your vehicle will need to get back to looking and running like new.

Full Engine Rebuilds or Replacement

Our mechanics can build you an engine that is to factory specifications or can customize to meet your needs or desires. If you are looking for MORE POWER you have come to the right place. If you are not looking for MORE POWER, you are also in the right place. Our staff is here to accommodate your needs.


Shop rates are $90.00 per hour.